Gun Drills

Rotary Burr

Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burr are applicable on Tough & Hardened Steels. Example - Stainless Steels, Hard Bronze & other hardened metals etc. Mostly our Rotary Burrs are used by Die Casting Units, Forging workshops, Foundries etc.

Various Rotary Burrs which can be supplied by us in Tungsten Carbide are as under:
  • Ball Shape Burrs
  • Oval Shape Burrs
  • Tree Shape Burrs with Radius End
  • Tree Shape Burrs with Pointed End
  • Cylindrical Burrs
  • Cylindrical Burrs with end cut
  • Cylindrical Burrs with radius cut
  • Cone Shape Burrs
  • Cone with Radius End Burrs
  • Inverted Cone Shape Burrs
  • Flame Shape Burrs
  • Rim Shape Burrs
  • Burr Sets