About Us

We at Dedicated Impex Company strive hard to offer better quality tools at very attractive prices.

Dedicated Impex Co.(DIC) has been family owned and in full operation for over many years as they proudly manufacture solid carbide cutting tools, CNC Solutions, Woodworking Tools, Gear Cutting Tools etc. for a vast variety of industries. DIC is located in Patiala, Punjab, India. The company is a front runner in the manufacturing of these tools as the employees and processes are dedicated to you – the customer. Even though DIC is family-owned, the manufacturing strengths and capabilities within the company far outweigh other tool manufacturers. The genuine passion for manufacturing is evident throughout the entire facility as each employee strives to provide high productivity rates while delivering the best in quality customer service.

Our Goals

Customers are the epicenter of Dedicated Impex. Our entire process revolves around our customers and we take pride in providing our customers with complete solutions which allows them to utilize the product in its entirety with ease.


We conduct extensive research & analyse to check the compatibility of the products with Indian market and also its geographical conditions.


At DIC we are adept in building value based propositions around our customers’ critical challenges.


Our network of highly qualified expert engineers is always at your beck and call to help you out with your queries related to the products.


We check the compatibility of the products with Indian market and also its geographical conditions.

Our Team

DIC Team is the foundation of our commitment to continuously improve, innovate and provide vast product diversity.

Our culture is compiled of experts that specialize in the development of groundbreaking, superior cutting tools while delivering unique high quality services for all of our customers. We continuously work to improve our internal operations with goals of reducing lead times, providing value-added services and improved quality and overall tool performance for our customers. We combine our engineering staff with our highly skilled operators and top-of-the-line production machinery to design and produce custom cutting tools for your most demanding tooling applications. Our culture will work closely with your company to help you obtain your goals for optimal process parameters while becoming lean, efficient and profitable manufacturers. Fullerton Tool is proud to leave our print on every service we provide.

ISO Certified Company

Our Company is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that continually provides quality cutting tools to thousands of pleased customers every day. As an ISO certified company, DIC continues to demonstrate their commitment to process improvement and providing high quality products to their customers. DIC Company carries a true passion for manufacturing and is dedicated to providing the best for the customers and industries they serve.