Rotary Burr

Rotary Burr

Dedicated Impex Co.(DIC) has been family owned and in full operation for over many years as they proudly manufacture solid carbide cutting tools, CNC Solutions, Woodworking Tools, Gear Cutting Tools etc. for a vast variety of industries. DIC is located in Patiala, Punjab, India. The company is a front runner in the manufacturing of these tools as the employees and processes are dedicated to you – the customer. Even though DIC is family-owned, the manufacturing strengths and capabilities within the company far outweigh other tool manufacturers. The genuine passion for manufacturing is evident throughout the entire facility as each employee strives to provide high productivity rates while delivering the best in quality customer service.

Long Shank Rotary Burrs

Cylindrical Rotary Burr

Oval Rotary Burrs

Tree Radius Rotary Burrs

Ball Nose Conical Rotary Burr

Inverted Cone Rotary Burr

Conical Burr

Tree Pointed Burr

Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burr

Cylindrical With Edge Cut Rotary Burrs

CONE 60 Degree & 90 Degree Rotary Burrs

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